These are concentrated cellular components that contain a variety of growth and healing signal factors perfect for musculoskeletal injuries. PRP injections help patients suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain, ligament and muscle tears, and arthritis or tissue inflammation.

Usually, when a patient gets injured, the body reacts by mobilizing platelets to the damaged area for healing. Although effective, in some cases this response is not enough resulting in inadequate healing and chronic pain.

PRP injections improve the body’s natural healing process by sending additional platelets and other regenerative factors to the affected area. To obtain platelets and plasma, physicians will need to draw the patients’ blood, place in a centrifuge and spin until the contents are separated. Once this is done, the physician will combine the platelets and plasma to make a powerful solution which helps repair damaged muscles tissues and ligaments.

The PRP injection procedure can be repeated to ensure healing has taken place.

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