Prolo/neurotherapy are regenerative procedures that involve the subcutaneous injection of dextrose. Neurotherapy involves the injection of 5% dextrose that turns off a complex array of sensory nerves which when stimulated produces proteins that attach to pain nerves resulting in pain. Dilute dextrose binds to these receptors preventing the release of these proteins and turning off neuropathic pain receptors.

On the other hand, prolotherapy is the deeper injection of dextrose (15-25%) into weakened or diseased ligaments or tendons felt to be the source of chronic pains, promoting a healing response of these tissues through the activation of the inflammatory cascade.

The advantages of prolotherapy and neurotherapy procedures are vast. Prolotherapy and Neurotherapy are a very safe procedure which can be repeated without limits until the painful condition is treated. Prolotherapy and neurotherapy can be used in the treatment of joint injuries, chronic low back pain, ligament and tendon problems, degenerative and osteoarthritic problems and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

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