Regenerative cells (aka: stem cells/mesenchymal cells), are healing agents found in the body which help decrease inflammation and restore bad joints. Stem cells also can mobilize healing cells to the site of injury.

Stem cells are found in a number of places such as bone marrow and fat. Stem cells for orthopedic application are from bone marrow and (adipose) fat from various easily accessible areas in the body. Bone marrow is obtained from the hip bone using a simple procedure and the bone aspirate concentrated in a centrifuge. This is called bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). Fat (adipose) is obtained by a simple liposuction procedure.

Stem cells are collected on the same day they are injected into the injured or damaged areas of the body and treatment is required utilizing precise ultrasound or x-ray guidance.

the entire procedure typically takes a couple of hours, and can be used to successfully treat most common orthopedic conditions, arthritis, degenerative spine and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

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